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    Pokemon Omniverse (?)

    Post  Ace_McQuadruple on Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:23 am

    Pokemon Omniverse


    Our existence is not of one, but of many

    Galaxies, suns, races, empires

    All the same, but all different

    Multiple paths and parallels

    This is the story of the Omniverse

    Chapter 1: Fate or Coincidence?

    You have just moved into the snowbound Nneoh region from the Othoj region.

    It is a place filled with mountainous terrain and damp forests, plenty of which have not been extensively researched. But there is a professor named Birch who studies the reasons why the region is like it is, and he believes there may be something else at work. He lives in the same town as you have moved in, and his daughter/son is a friend of yours. Is it fate, or just a coincidence?

    Chapter 2: The Election

    There has recently been an election for the president of the region. There were several candidates;
    The foreign, military based man: Id Alga
    The peaceful country girl: Pa Ak Li
    And the sly, rebellious hottie: Anita Rigg

    They all seem strange, but Anita seems familiar. You pass it off as a coincidence, but it still itches at the back of your mind and you don't know how to scratch it. And to make things worse, whole cities and routes are being warped by space time fluxes, making the job harder for them, and the lives of their citizens excrutiating

    To be continued

    A new snow filled region, filled with familiar faces and faces, and some not so familiar
    Easter Eggs
    Tricky puzzles
    New gym types
    Find out who Anita Rigg is and why she is familiar
    Discover the reason behind the space time fluxes
    Interesting scenery and (most likely) new tiles.
    Stay tuned.

    Screenies (woot):



    Creator: Me
    Mapper: Me (spots open)
    Storyline helper: Sophidius
    Scripter: none (scripting hates me. And I hate it. Spots open )
    Advisor: none (spots open)
    Sprite inserter: Me (but I am still getting used to it. Spots open)
    Spriter: Me (spots open)
    Beta Tester: none (spots... ah stuff it)
    Blegh, spots open for everything. XP
    Oh and the tiles came in a snow patch made by Green Charizard/Dragon from WAH

    Maps: Pretty low, the screenies are the "major" maps I've done so far.
    Scripting: 0%
    Sprites: 0.01% >_> One

    Well, help needed. Thanks in advance.
    No flaming, trolling, bashing etc allowed in this thread. NONE D:<[spoiler

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