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    Progressing hacks rules

    Post  Sparkcaster on Wed May 20, 2009 10:51 am

    Progressing Hacks forum rules

    The Progressing Hacks forum is a forum for all members to view: it shows many creative ROM hack projects at PC. This forum is open for members to post their own projects - you can too! Of course, the forum needs to have rules governing it; these rules are here for the benefit of the ROM hacking community, by making it fairer on others and allowing people to see the hacks they enjoy.

    Progressing Hacks posting

    This forum is bound to rules that are set by the global PokeMansion rules.
    By posting in this forum, you agree that your posts meet rules set in the PokéMansion global rules, the PokéCommunity's emulation rules, as well as the rules set from here on. There are no exemptions made for this forum. However, there are special infractions that apply to this forum listed in the "Forum-specific infractions scheme" section of this thread.

    This forum is not used for discussion threads that do not showcase a hack.
    The Hacks Showcase forum is only for displaying hacks. It is not for gathering hack teams or other general discussion. There are specific forums for these purposes.

    There cannot be more than one thread representing a hack at the same time.

    Rules for posting hack threads

    A note on mature hacks
    Hacks with explicit material are allowed, provided a rating is given in the thread title [PG, 15+]., but absolutely NO screenshots or text extracts from it. Such hacks with the aforementioned depiction will not be approved. Likewise, hacks that are unsuitable (for members over 15 years of age) are not eligible for the hack competitions held regularly, such as Hack of the Year.A hack thread must have at least four screenshots.
    These four screens cannot be battle screens, Pokédex entries or stat screens. The screenshots also cannot depict areas that have not been significantly edited. If at least four screenshots meet this requirement, then you may post any other kinds of screenshots. These first four screenshots cannot be map area shots.

    Hacks must include an introduction or a story.
    Optional parts include the game your hack is based off (Pokémon Red, Gold, or Ruby, for instance), a list of features, frequently asked questions, your hack’s achievements (such as Hack of the Year!), a list of bugs, the team involved with the hack, etc.

    If you are using other people’s hacks or code bases, you must have permission.
    You are required to state whether your hack is yours or not – you cannot post any hack in the Hacks Showcase forum unless it is yours, unless you obtain permission from the hack’s author to post it (and/or modify it for your own purposes). Hacks that we believe are based off the code base of another hack will not be approved.

    Fake hacks or theft will not be tolerated.
    The hacks you post must not contain any fake information. The images must be screenshots taken in an emulator of your choice, and should not be edited in any form.

    Please give credit to any items in your hack where it is due, be it sprites, tile sets or scripts. You are bound to the agreements made by the original poster – for instance, if you cannot give your sprite to others, don’t. If your hack is based off another hack’s code base and the original poster has asked you not to give the code base to others, don’t.

    Consecutive posting (double posts) about new features is permitted…
    … if you're the thread owner. You may make up to three long posts in a row detailing any information in your game. You cannot make three short (for example, 2 lines only) posts in a row. Any other cases are subject to standard double-posting rules.


    Hacks threads that do not meet the rules set above will simply be ignored and unapproved. A thread will not appear if you do not meet these requirements. Please be patient about your thread being approved – it is not an immediate process. You may have to wait at least 24 hours before your hack thread is approved. If your hack thread isn’t approved, you slipped up somewhere. You may PM a moderator for information on why your thread may not have been approved.

    Rules for replies to a hack thread

    If a reply does not meet the rules set here, it may be deleted. Repeated offenses may lead to forum warnings.

    You cannot make a generic comment in a thread.
    A simple or generic comment like “I love this hack! I give it a 10/10” or “this is an amazing hack please keep going with it” is unacceptable as a thread comment.

    Before posting, you must refer to information shown in the first post of, or subsequent replies in the thread. You must also refer to information stuck at the top of the forum’s thread lists.
    We don’t want your post to repeat what another person has said! We do mind if you ask a question that’s already been answered in the first post!

    There are threads stuck at the top of the Hacks Showcase forum describing basic instructions, such as game patching, common errors and the like. Please read them before posting a question in a thread!

    Ask threads relevant to the hack.
    If you have questions for the hack author which don’t really contribute to the thread, such as “Also I need help with a script can you help me out?” it is requested that you send a private message to the hack author.

    Do not ask for when the next release is.
    It is quite annoying when a person asks, “When is this hack going to be finished?” or, “When is the next alpha/beta/gamma/etc.” This can leave stress to (or a lack of response from) the hack author. Wait for the author to release a hack at his or her own pace.

    Do not comment offensively when criticising a hack.
    Don’t show signs of brutality when criticising a hack – no sarcastic comments, flaming, or any other snide comments that may offensive or may lower their self-esteem. Try to be neutral in your commenting.

    If you are the hack owner, don’t react harshly to the comments of others – don’t expect constant praise. The criticisms that you receive should be to point out where you need to improve!

    Forum-specific infractions scheme

    Fake hacks and hack theft, or theft of any materials from a hack, will see members infracted with 4 infraction points (red cards) immediately if caught and proven. These points, when awarded, will not expire..

    Unacceptable comments (be them short, unnecessary comments, or pure non-constructive criticism) will leave you with a yellow card on your profile record. Repeating will leave 3 infraction points on your record. These will not expire for three months.

    Requesting release dates will leave you with a yellow card on your profile record. You will be infracted with 1 infraction point per subsequent offence. These will not expire for two months.

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