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    The Greatest Rom Hacking Team Ever

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    The Greatest Rom Hacking Team Ever

    Post  baseballscooper on Sat May 23, 2009 4:17 pm

    I decided to make this team because I haven't seen the concept before and I think it'll work. I hope to compile a team of people with different skills and skill levels. The reason I want to make this team is because of the lack of efficiency on most teams. I think that the main reason is the team leader. So the main difference with this team is that there will be no team leader. everyone will be equals and have their own say in what goes on. As a team we will decide every aspect of the game and vote on what's in and out. And to keep people motivated I am hoping that we can develop a system so that people will be motivated to work quickly and efficiently. We will work on one project at a time unless the team gets really big. The roms we will MOST LIKELY be hacking are Ruby and FireRed. Everyone will get to work on the hacks so they don't get discouraged and quit. I believe that a system like this will work much better and we will be successful.

    The current team(Some members I don't know if they have PC accounts so they're on Developers Community):

    Me: Spriting, Mapping
    Myfavouriteax: Part Time Mapper, Graphics
    GKS(DC): Script question answerer
    Gamer2020(DC): Part Time Glitch Finder/Fixer
    dmartin(DC): Spriter, Mapper
    Shaded: Intermediate Scripting
    Ac1d: Programmer
    Milk: Graphics and Sprite Ripping, Idealist
    pikachu_X: OW Spriter, Scripter
    hyper1210: Mapper

    If you want to join fill out this form:
    Proof of work
    Experience(If any)
    Contact Info.
    Why you want to join
    A little about yourself(optional)

    I'm looking forward to seeing new members sign up!
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    Re: The Greatest Rom Hacking Team Ever

    Post  SilverTheHedgehog on Sun May 24, 2009 7:20 am

    You posted it here,too.Nice.I hope you recruit some members,in the greatest rom hacking team. Wink

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